Design Services

It might be a little nip and a tuck or it could be a full on lift.  You may decide to refresh a space using what you have, perhaps repurpose some pieces that just aren’t working for you or just inject new colour into your world.  You might decide its time to start with a blank canvas and just simply don’t know where to start.  Whatever your design dilemma or dreams, help is here.  

Be original and your home will speak for itself.
Modern Interior Design

Colour Consultation


The right colours in a space will create a cohesive flow, as well as the emotion you are after.  Typically people are overwhelmed by the vast amount of colours to choose from.  The consultation is a collaborative effort between you and I to make the process easy and fun..  It doesn’t matter what colours I love because its about you and your space.  We will define the colours you love and the feeling you desire from that space.  You may have a favourite piece of art or fabric from which we can draw inspiration.


The amount of time dedicated to any consultation is determined by the size and complexity of the project.  What it also means is that you save precious time and money avoiding common mistakes that make it a negative experience.

Space Planning

Modern Dining Room

Do you need to purchase furniture but are afraid of making mistakes?  Perhaps you made the purchase and discovered it was too big or too small.  Or maybe your room just isn’t functioning the way you want it to.  That’s space planning.  A space/furniture plan will save you time, money and stress not to mention make the most out of the space you have.


If you are planning on moving and will need to purchase furniture, the time for a plan is before you start shopping.  Perhaps you need to downsize and will need to do a little purging…again the time to plan what will fit best is now.

Product Sourcing


One of the many benefits to working with a designer is the enormous selection of products at their disposal.  Unlike your travels through the typical retail roads that often yield disappointment, designers work with resource centres that offer vast numbers of options and products.  This takes the time, effort and frustration out of finding just the right piece for you.  


The designer just presents the goodies to you on a silver platter.  There are of course times when a shopping trip is the way to go - I love a great deal and am always on the hunt.  If you like to treasure hunt, I can give you a "map" to help you find your treasures.