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Interior Design for
Emotional Well-Being in Personal & Professional Spaces

Your space has a powerful impact on mood and behaviour.  About Space Designs integrates the principles of design with evidence-based design to create healing environments.  For mental health care professionals - improved therapeutic outcomes.  For personal space - the happy space to recharge emotional batteries and connect to something meaningful.

It’s not a full on anxiety-inducing reno, but rather a manageable, and results oriented project.  It’s a very intentional design.  A transformation into what you, your client, or your child needs.  A restorative, healing space that lifts your spirits and calms your soul.  And let’s not forget about fun - sometimes it’s good to just have some FUN.

Ask my friends and they will tell you that I always have something to say (ok, sometimes they cringe).  I will always give you the straight goods if you ask for my opinion.  I will give you tips and tricks, show you new products and talk about what’s new and exciting.  Speaking of new & exciting… my services now include trauma-informed, evidence-based design for mental health care professionals and those of us that need a healing space at home.  Drop by and we’ll have a little pillow talk!

Coming soon!  Stay tuned for some cool product offerings that will make your space beautifully unique.  Subscribe (below) or send us an email if you would like to be informed when our shop goes live.