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Let There Be Light, Just Not This Kind

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

If you use CFL's (compact fluorescent lightbulb) in your lighting fixtures then this is going to be a lightbulb moment💡

Let me enLIGHTen you!

Years ago the incandescent light bulb was phased out and replaced with these little beauties - the household version of fluorescent tubes. The reason and big "improvement" was the energy efficiency factor.

We're all familiar with the horrible buzzing sound and the flickering (both visual and non-visual) that is just accepted as a collateral annoyance to how unflattering the light is to everything it touches. But wait, there's more.

It turns out the technology comes with a slew of physical and mental risks. There is evidence that the spectral composition suppresses melatonin, increases cortisol, induces stress response, and raises blood pressure just to name a few as written in an article in Psychology Today here

If all that wasn't enough, read the warning label about disposal. They're considered hazardous waste and shouldn't go into the regular garbage - ya right! And if you ever break one of these things... Evacuate immediately and put on your hazmat suit for the cleanup. Not even kidding.

These impacts are a serious concern for everyone but even more so for people with sensitivities, mental health issues, children, autism, etc. If your environment uses CFL's or tube fluorescents, I suggest you replace them with LED's (for most areas use warm white).

Do you need help with your lighting? Call me to find out about healthy lighting.

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