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Why Everybody Loves Design Shows

Let me start by saying these shows are "reality tv" with little actual reality. However, here's why we love them...

We meet the people, their spaces and their challenges. Connection - we can relate to these everyday people that are just like us. To spice things up and really tug at our heartstrings, there is often a story of how their current space has a profoundly negative effect on the family. The challenges are really about how the space does not meet all their functional needs. This has a daily devasting impact on the physical and mental well-being of all the stakeholders.

Enter the heroes - the designers & their amazing tradespeople to save the day.

In the big reveal, the space is transformed into a perfect marriage of function and jaw-dropping beauty. Tears flow, and beaming smiles of the awe-struck homeowners who can't believe their eyes.

What this is really about is EMOTION. It's about how this space makes us feel a certain way. Mood and behaviour. It's about a space that actually makes life easier. It's life-changing. Transformational.

Your built environment should make life easier, meet the needs of all of its users, improve mental and physical health, be inclusive and empower you. Your space should support your needs, restore your mental capacity and encourage creativity, performance, learning, productivity and much more. That's Evidence-Based Design.

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