"An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author”.

Charlotte Moss

Space Lift

Our physical surroundings have a direct and powerful impact on our emotions.  The Space Lift is all about making you happy.  When you walk into a space, you should love everything that surrounds you.  That includes the practical and functional elements.  You know how you want any given space to feel and function.  Now ask yourself these questions…


  • Does your space look and feel the way you need it to? does it suit your lifestyle?

  • Does it function efficiently and without frustration or annoyance?

  • Do you have a vision in your head but don’t know how to pull it together?

  • Are you afraid to make mistakes or overwhelmed with where to start so you do nothing?

  • Are your window coverings functional and beautiful?  Don’t know what to do with your windows and afraid of the cost?

The good news is you’re not alone and I’m here to help.  So what does a Space Lift look like?  It may be as simple as using everything you already have and simply rearranging, refreshing or reinventing it all.  A new furniture plan can reward you with added, more functional space.  A well organized, stylish foyer makes walking through your front door a joyous occasion.  Paint and lighting are your best friends that give high impact results.  Maybe some or all of this is what your Space Lift looks like.  You can see more samples of our Space Lifts in our Gallery.


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