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Deal or No Deal???

We all look for a great deal when purchasing products. This is especially true when it comes to home improvements. The trouble is…. how do you know if it’s actually a real deal? You may think, WOW, I scored this for 75% off regular price! But in the end - it may cost you more. And, Yes, I personally have experienced the dreaded lunch bag let down.

Most designers will tell you that when they started out, there were several epic fails in the pursuit of learning the BIZ. As a professional, you quickly learn, through trial and error that product knowledge is critical to success. As designers/decorators, we spend time and money, taking workshops through different sources, to educate ourselves on the ins and outs of product performance.

Many people are quite savvy when it comes to doing homework on big ticket expenditures. However, there is nothing that can take the place of extensive professional education and the trial and error experiences that come with breaking into the Biz.

Take for example my first bathroom reno (prior to going into this thing on a professional basis). We were selling our house, needed to update the main upstairs bathroom, which really needed a Space Lift! Since we were selling, we were trying to get big impact for the least amount of dollars.

Searching high and low for a good price on a double sink vanity, I came upon a “great deal” at HomeSense, (my go to place for great deals). True, that I had never purchased an item such as this, but none the less, it was too good to pass up. A double sink, cream travertine top, espresso cabinet - Gorgeous! $500 - ok WHAAAAT?! Of course I grabbed it.

Turns out, when it came time for the install - there were numerous issues, all of which resulted in a major labour cost. Hmmmmm, no deal after all. I cried and made notes.

That hardwood flooring that you found at a ridiculously cheap price…. ya, it’s going to be a nightmare. Ya know why? Well, I can tell you but it’s kinda a long story. Trust me when I tell you that it may seem like the best deal ever - it’s not! Beware of the small print on the box that indicates - Made in China. You will see this even in the big box stores. Trouble is, it has a nice, big red Canadian flag on the carton. Hmmmmm. Why does it matter? Well, if you don’t mind really poor quality and a few toxic additives, then fine.

At the end of the day, it may seem like the investment of a consultation, isn’t worth it because you can do this yourself, BUT, beware of the pitfalls. A professional will save you potentially thousands of dollars, simply because they have the knowledge and experience that you don’t.

Even something as simple as painting, selecting a colour, can result in dollars spent without the result you had hoped for. Now what? Grab a cheesecake and cry? Start over? What if I get it wrong again?

So you see where I’m going with this? Get a consultation - before you spend all that money on a potential disaster. Talk to a designer you trust and really connect with. You won't regret it.

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