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The New Reality of Selling Homes in The Kawartha Lakes

The beauty, serenity and affordability, attracts a wide range of buyers to the Kawartha Lakes region. With the Muskoka’s being unattainable for many buyers seeking a cottage getaway, this region offers an equally viable option. Kawartha Lakes is affordable and in closer proximity to Toronto - both key selling points. It’s the new Muskoka.

In addition, there is a population that is seeking retirement properties. Both these populations are coming from urban areas. That said, they are comparing properties to Toronto standards. That’s what they know and expect. Herein lies an enormous opportunity.

Toronto real estate is a highly competitive market that gives sellers big advantages simply because of demand. In stark contrast, the region of Kawartha Lakes, has not yet achieved this frenzy of demand. The average listing is 90 to 120 days (and most often more) to selling. Ask yourself why and more importantly, what can I do to make my property sell faster for top dollar?

The Toronto buyer is accustomed to high real estate prices. With that comes high expectations. Kawartha Lakes has an opportunity to raise the bar and attract these buyers.

I have observed that the large majority of listings show properties desperately in need of updating and overall present as not “move in ready”. Buyers respond to a “move in ready” property that will result in a quicker deal. That means, as a seller, you must offer a product that appeals and responds to these needs. You have mere seconds to make an impression.

Your home has a deeply personal connection to you and therefore is decorated to reflect your unique style. When you make the decision to sell your home, it becomes a product and needs to present as such. That means, appealing to a vast market. Your home must become the equivalent of a “model” home. In new build developments, the model home, is designed to appeal to every potential buyer. That is your goal when preparing your home for resale.

About Space Designs will redefine your property as a “model” home designed to appeal to the highest possible percentage of potential buyers.

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