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Let there be Light!

We have something very important to talk about and I'm going to enLIGHTen your today. I'm hoping you will soon see things in a whole new light. I have many bright ideas to share with you. HA!

Ok, let's get serious now, before I get carried away...

Lighting changes everything. You may not even realize how true this statement is. Let me give you an example...

So, I get myself ready, makeup and hair, in front of my bathroom mirror. Satisfied, I'm lookin gooood, I grab my purse and other essentials, proceed to my car and get ready to conquer the day. One last look in the mirror, now in the glare and unforgiving natural daylight. YIKES!!! There it is, a 3 inch black chin hair! WTF!? Surely this must have happened over night - right?! There's no way I could have walked around with this aberration, unnoticed by my peeps, who should be alerting me to this situation. Enough said about the failures of so called friends, and back to the matter at hand. The unforgiving daylight, the unfiltered, harsh light that casts focus on... well, things that need "soft" lighting.

Since that moment, I travel with tweezers in my car and regularly check the mirror for a new crop of nasty looking lip or chin hair. Be honest with me girls, this has happened to you too, right? And this is my point... lighting changes everything.... Are we agreed?

So keep my little story in mind when you decide do some decorating. When you're sifting through paint chips at the local paint store, NEVER decide on a colour in the store. It will look 100% different in your home. That gorgeous colour your girlfriend has in her family room, may be perfect - for her space. It will again look like a whole different colour in your space.

The amount and kind of daylight, north or south facing, the colour reflected from a large surface like your floor, all affect the space. Selecting the correct lighting is key.

As well, just a single fabulous fixture can be a real WOW with maximum impact. There are many things I will tell you to go with less expensive options. Lighting is not one of them. Spend as much as your budget allows. You won't be sorry.


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