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Integrating the healing power of nature into design

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Have you ever come across moss growing on a rock or tree and felt compelled to reach out and touch it? That crazy vibrant green colour drawing you in closer with the promise of touching its baby softness is irresistible. I want to take my shoes off and feel it on my toes so it can travel through my whole body, like a big happy energy beam. Grateful AF for moss!

The brainy scientific name for that is Biophilia (remember I told you about that last time?). Well, it's that feeling that you want to bring inside your home and office - and that's called Biophilic Design. The benefits are proven science. That connection to nature is both restorative and healing for our mental and physical health. So, I'm going to tell you how you can do that in a practical way because there are many considerations for bringing nature inside.

If you have a green thumb, then that part is easy peasy for you if you have the time for it. But there's more to think about than that. Maybe you're one of those hopeless plant killers or if you're like me, you don't want the responsibility of keeping yet one more thing alive (moms and dog owners will relate). And of course, a big consideration is all about the space itself. How much natural light is there, is there space to add plants, and if it's a professional office space you simply may not have time for maintenance.

The good news is that there's a solution for every situation and you don't even need live plants at all. Here are some ideas I hope will inspire you


The possibilities are endless and there's no watering required. No matter what your budget or preference, there's something for you. You can even find free images like this one, then print, frame and TaDa! For health care clinics or dentist's offices, there is "cleanable art" that can be fully sanitized with hospital grade cleaners. Cool right?! (P.S. I can hook you up)

Low Maintenance Green Stuff

How pretty is this?! You can totally DIY this or go to your local nursery and buy one. They come in a range of sizes and prices. They're not needy and just sit there making you happy. This works beautifully on a side table or a larger scale one on your coffee table.

Fresh, Faux & Dried

You don't have to buy fresh flowers every time. Take a look at the foliage at your local flower shop. A simple and minimalist option that still brings that feel good thing and also adds visual impact. Ask the florist for suggestions on which ones dry nicely.

You can mix natural elements with silk florals. If you do this, opt for a high quality silk - no dollar store buy for this one. In this spring arrangement, I did for myself, I combined (silk) magnolias, birch logs tied together with rope and reindeer moss. You can buy the moss (already treated) and it stays that colour forever. Bonus is that it's also super soft and touchable. I scored the container at HomeSense for $20 and I switch it up for the seasons.

If you want to DIY this and need more ideas, take a trip to Pinterest or call me for a custom arrangement.

Now that you have lots of options, go out and get yourself some of this natural "medicine". Got questions or comments - I'm here - at home - still.

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